Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Creating a series of tutorial videos to prepare defense companies to sell internationally.

Virginia itself was founded as a foreign-owned business in 1607 when Jamestown was established. To this day, many of the world’s top international companies call Virginia home. The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) allows business owners to trade globally while keeping Virginia as their home base. The Going Global Defense Initiative (GGDI) helps Virginia’s defense companies diversify into new international markets.

VEDP came to TriVision, a GSA registered company, with a need for web-based tutorials to promote GGDI. These videos would cover a variety of international sales topics. The project was a complex one because it involved the filming of 15 presenters on 15 different schedules. Our team made the process look easy and seamless by creating a filming timeline that accommodated all of the speakers.

After many hours of pre-production, filming, and post-production, TriVision produced 15 high-quality tutorial videos — each of which are 5-10 minutes in length. The videos provide vital tips from experts on a wide variety of topics, including legal issues, logistics, and marketing.

VEDP was very pleased with the final product and signed TriVision for the production of an additional round of training videos.

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