Virginia Department of Corrections

Helping first-time female offenders re-integrate into society.

The Virginia Department of Corrections was awarded a grant from the Federal Government to create a pilot program that helped re-integrate female offenders into society. The focus of this pilot program, known as the Second Chance Act, was to match mothers with substance abuse programs and permit them to return to their young children. Thanks to this grant, many women are now assigned a client advocate prior to their release who can help them formulate a plan to return to their homes, families, and jobs.

The Department of Corrections requested that TriVision create a powerful, comprehensive marketing video that captured the essence of the program and celebrated its successes. To do so, TriVision conducted more than 20 interviews with client advocates and key personnel, as well as the female offenders and their families. To conduct the interviews and shoot the B-roll footage, our staff traveled to many locations in Virginia.

TriVision provided a pre-planning strategy, scripting, production and post-production services; the resulting 10 minute video conveyed the positive impact of the program, which has helped reduce the recidivism rate and reunited families.

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