Harnessing the Power of Video to Save Lives

According to Saving Lives at Birth, a woman dies in childbirth every two minutes. Tragically, women in underdeveloped countries are 136 times more likely to die during or after childbirth.

Determined to change this dismal statistic, USAID hosted the Saving Lives at Birth program – a two-day event where national and international vendors travel to Washington, DC to demonstrate techniques, products, and services that could save lives in the critical hours during and after childbirth.

Challenge:  USAID and Saving Lives at Birth acknowledge three critical obstacles to their goal of helping reduce maternal and child mortality rates.

  • Technology – The lack of adequate medical equipment in many communities and clinics.
  • Service Delivery – A shortage of well-trained health professionals located near any kind of health service facility.
  • Information – Mothers lack information about the services they need, and ways to embrace healthier behaviors.

Knowing that these obstacles require the best talents and efforts of an international vendor community, USAID committed to fund promising solutions that most efficiently and effectively addressed the challenges.

Solution and Results:  TriVision partnered with Insight Corporation, a strategic government solutions company, to showcase the innovative products and services being demonstrated by the vendors at the Saving Lives at Birth Conference.

TriVision’s video production crew shot a total of 50 one-minute “elevator speeches” from finalists who were pitching their ideas to save the lives of mothers and their babies in sub-Saharan Africa.

An excellent example of the creativity and ingenuity on display at the conference was the work of a doctor from India.  The doctor had invented a special heart rate monitor that health professionals can put on prematurely born babies to detect their level of oxygen.  The video footage of this product demonstration was compelling – and clearly demonstrated the ground-breaking nature of the work.

The footage and stills that TriVision captured can be used on all of USAID’s marketing platforms – spreading the word about life-saving approaches that can help end the scourge of infant and maternal mortality.



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