The Jet Set


TriVision is delighted to film and edit The Jet Set’s studio segments inside our 12,000 sq. ft. Virginia video production studio. Our video production crew, the Jet Set cast and management team has been on board together for an exciting two seasons.

The Jet Set is America’s first nationally syndicated travel-based talk show. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or do not travel as often as you deserve, every traveler can benefit from tuning in to the Jet Set. Travelers learn all types of information when viewing these videos, including: how to make traveling stress-free, how to visit all the best places, and ways you can stay current on travel-industry news.

While traveling across the world, The Jet Set takes their online audiences to diverse destinations, whether it be an unknown hole in the wall treasure, or a five-star exotic resort. However, a talk show would not be complete without a signature studio.

When The Jet Set lands at TriVision’s studio our video production crew immediately gets to work. The set is assembled, the lights are turned on, and the camera’s ready to roll. This is where the magic happens. What makes travel talk shows unique from one another? Easy answer, the studio space they perform in! TriVision films The Jet Set studio segments inside our 12,000 sq ft. studio in Chantilly, Virginia. The cast and crew are able to comfortably assemble their set, dressing rooms, make-up station, and most importantly break room.

After TriVision films The Jet Set’s studio segments, our seasoned video editors masterfully assemble and edit all the videos to produce upbeat episodes for travelers to enjoy.

You can watch full episodes of The Jet Set on their website or find a local station.

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