Putting a positive, yet REAL spin on the way the world experiences the Hip Hop culture.


The Real Hip Hop Network (RHN) promotes the hip-hop culture with emphasis on five elements: MCing, DJing, Break Dancing, Graffiti & Knowledge, and Wisdom & Understanding. The network focuses on bringing viewers the best of hip-hop on both television and mobile devices.

TriVision revitalized the corporate identity of RHN by re-conceptualizing their brand, collaterals, website, and promotional items. We used bold, eye-catching designs to send a compelling message and created a comprehensive multimedia package to communicate the essence of RHN to its target audience.  Some of our work included creative advertisements for various industry publications, including an ad design for the cover of Billboard Magazine.

In addition, TriVision has been RHN’s video production partner.  We have traveled with them to many cities, and interviewed major hip hop superstars, such as Rihanna, Akon, and Ne-Yo.  RHN has also used TriVision’s studio facilities for many of its productions and post production sessions.

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