Referral Coach International

Branding a Hall of Fame Sales Speaker.


Better known as the “Referral Coach”, Bill Cates is the founder of Referral Coach International, a system of training programs and educational tools that helps clients generate more business through word of mouth, referrals, and personal introductions. All its programs and systems have one objective in mind: to increase revenue without increasing marketing expenses.

For nearly a decade, Bill has relied on TriVision for his marketing needs — from a logo and corporate identity re-branding to a total revamp of his website. We also designed and printed the marketing collateral for his many training programs. This collateral included business cards, folders, brochures, DVDs, handbooks, labels, and packaging.

Bill has used our green screen studios for the production of his training videos, and used the facility space to hold conferences for his speaking series. TriVision orchestrated the video production process from start to finish: pre-planning shots, shooting, running the teleprompter, editing, and amplifying the final product.

Most recently we launched a new website for Referral Coach with up to 100 CMS-based sub-pages. (   This massive project required extensive consultation, sitemap assessments, and the development of a new professional UX and UI design.

Given the services that we provide him, we are truly Bill’s one-stop shop for everything creative and digital. We deeply value our relationship with Bill and appreciate the many referrals he has given to TriVision over the years.

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