Launching a nationwide integrated marketing campaign for Afghanistan’s first digital broadcasting service.



Launched in 2015 by Afghanistan Broadcasting System (ABS), Oqaab is the country’s first digital broadcasting service. The DVB technology eliminates the static disruptions, poor quality, and signal interference — allowing viewers to watch television with clear, crisp picture and sound quality, up to High Definition (HD) via house antenna.

TriVision is proud to be the marketing and media production company behind the launch of this broadcasting evolution in Afghanistan. We have been involved in every step of the journey, including naming and brand development and brand strategy implementation. TriVision also conducted an aggressive marketing campaign that featured web design/development; TV, radio, and billboard ads; print collateral; the “Oqaab Shop” module design and construction; and an array of customized promotional materials.

Today, Oqaab has almost 140,000 followers on Facebook and is steadily growing.

Many of the TV commercials and “How to Install Oqaab” videos seen on television, websites, and social media were created by TriVision. We worked diligently to make each piece engaging, easy to understand, culturally sensitive, and responsive to the needs of the client. Creating these products required many hours of consultation, storyboarding, script development, 3D animation, translation, and professional voiceover services in multiple languages.

ABS launched this service in Kabul with a multi-million-dollar investment in infrastructure and personnel. They have plans to launch Oqaab in 20 provincial Afghanistan capitals within the next three years.

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