Serving as the Creative Marketing and Media Production Partner
for the Nation’s Largest Technology Council




Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) is the largest technology council in the nation with more than 1,000 companies and organizations in the technology, academic, non-profit, and Government sectors. Through its member companies, NVTC represents about 300,000 employees in the region. High profile executives, governors, senators, and philanthropists are regular guest speakers at NVTC’s events throughout the year.

TriVision‘s partnership began with NVTC in 2014 as its Creative Marketing and Media Production. In addition to creative services, we provide on-location video production for many of NVTC’s events as well as film and edit several testimonial videos for them. The videos are featured on the NVTC website and shown at their events to attract more members and spur greater levels of member engagement.

Our headquarters studio in Northern Virginia has been used many times to film various videos for NVTC, including most recently the testimonial videos for their annual CFO Awards.  About 30 or more CEOs of major companies like CSRA, 1776 and Ric Edelman Financial Services came to our Green Screen and White Cyc studio to film short testimonial videos testifying for their CFO. The videos were later shown at the CFO Awards Gala in front of hundreds of influential members of the Northern Virginia business community.

Most recently, our design team developed the branding and website for NVTC’s annual signature event, the Capital CyberSecurity Summit — a world-class event showcasing the region’s treasure of technology assets and will feature keynote speakers and panels offering unique insights on emerging cybersecurity technologies, digital solutions, operations and enforcement from the private sector, government and academic perspectives.


In conjunction to branding and web design, we produced a promo video highlighting the 2-day conference.  Currently, TriVision is working on the website and branding strategy for NVTC’s February 2017 Data Summit. Soon, we will begin work on a series of videos highlighting NVTC’s new initiatives.

TriVision began its partnership with NVTC to serve the larger community, grow our network, and promote TriVision’s brand in the Northern Virginia business community. Thanks to NVTC’s high-quality events and engaged membership, we have exceeded our goals in all of these areas. TriVision greatly appreciates this mutually beneficial partnership and looks forward to expanding and deepening our relationship with them in the years to come.

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