Northern Virginia Magazine

Digital Video Unveils Northern Virginia Magazine’s CityFancy app.



An award-winning publication that tells the narrative of a region where businesses bloom, families bond, and friends make memories, Northern Virginia Magazine has developed an app called CityFancy to help you rediscover your city. As the name suggests, the app helps people find restaurants, bars, and more in the Northern Virginia area. It also allows you to invite your friends, redeem coupons, cast ratings, and write reviews.

With a mine filled with historical treasures, booming businesses, a diverse population, and rich tastes that flare your taste buds, not to mention being only minutes from the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C., it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the excitement that goes on in the thriving Northern Virginia area.

Northern Virginia Magazine knew it needed a digital marketing video to promote the new app. The magazine selected TriVision to develop a fresh 2-minute advertisement highlighting the simplicity and usefulness of CityFancy.

TriVision’s video production team traveled to parts of Northern Virginia, as well as used TriVision’s 12,000 square-foot green screen / white Cyc studio, to film the video in order to give audiences a realistic visual representation of how they would use the app. TriVision also ensured that the quality of the video was optimized for mobile screens.

CityFancy is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

As the state slogan goes, “Virginia is for lovers”, you can fall in love with Northern Virginia all over again using the CityFancy app.

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