Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board

Simplifying a complex topic through digital media and an educational web portal.



The mission of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) is to protect investors, municipal entities and the public interest by promoting a fair and efficient municipal market, regulating firms that engage in municipal securities and advisory activities, and promoting market transparency. Outreach, education, and awareness are key components to the success of that mission.

Since 2012, TriVision has been working with the MSRB to help them reach a diverse group of stakeholders, including municipal finance professionals, investors and state and local government officials. To do so, we have provided branding, design, video and web services.

Through our discovery areas, we learned that many stakeholders lacked much familiarity or understanding with the complex municipal bond market and the MSRB’s role. Therefore we took a layman’s approach to these and other basic topics, creating a series of videos that featured motion graphics and 3D animation. This video was extremely well received and is still used 4 years later as a basic educational tool.

TriVision also supported MSRB’s educational initiatives by producing videos that discussed the online transparency tool “EMMA”. EMMA is a database of municipal securities that all audiences are encouraged to access. In addition to these videos, TriVision created a significant video content to educate financial professionals about complex rule changes. Additionally, MSRB wanted to enhance its recruitment efforts. In support of that objective, TriVision created a series of short employee-driven videos that the organization has used for recruitment.

On the web development and services front, TriVision refreshed and rebranded the Education Center as well as the Career Section of the website. This process required a detailed project plan, a visual presentation of site layout, development of optional site designs and multiple revisions with the client.

With these videos and web products in place, investors and the public at large can now gain a better understanding of how MSRB operates and the services it provides.

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