Johns Hopkins University

Building a media facility and providing video solutions that promote healthy workplaces.


As America’s first research university, Johns Hopkins is a world leader in research and education in medicine, public health, the arts, sciences, and engineering.  TriVision has had the honor of working with two of the schools within the university: the JH Carey School of Business and the JH Bloomberg School of Public Health.

In 2014, the JH Carey School of Business chartered TriVision to build a new media production studio. The studio would be the first of its kind in the school, allowing students and staff to independently produce media content for outreach programs and campaigns for the JHU community and beyond.

TriVision developed a multi-studio solution package that included a professional HD studio and basic control rooms. In addition, we handled the overall planning, equipment purchase, and equipment installation.  We also conducted the staff orientation and training to ensure that the studio and its equipment was efficiently and effectively used.

Later that year, as part of an incentive to promote healthy workplaces, TriVision produced a 10-minute “Stories with Substance” video for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. This required travel to three companies that had created a culture of health at their workplaces. The companies were Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey, USAA in San Antonio, TX, and Next Jump in New York, NY.

The video includes interviews with the companies’ senior executives and employees about the ways that they incorporated health and wellness practices into the workplace. Filming also included B-Roll shots of their work environments. Much of the creative post-production of the final footage was a joint effort; our team used the client’s input to finalize an effective video.

In addition to “Stories with Substance,” we produced a shorter video highlighting the program.  It was created with high-impact motion graphics and animation, and featured a professional voiceover.  This visually stimulating video succinctly summarized the reason and purpose behind “Promoting Healthy Workplaces.”

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