Integrio Technologies

Rebranding an industry leader.


Integrio is an information technology and engineering company that provides solutions in engineering services, network performance management, cyber security, and related areas. Before its merger, the companies were known as Spectrum Systems and EMTEC Federal (or SSEF). With the merger came the need for a new name and fresh brand identity.

TriVision professionals worked closely with the executive team to create a step-by-step branding strategy for everything that the new entity would need — a name, tagline, logo, website, video ads, online advertising, and more.

However, to create the “new”, we first had to discover the “old.” The process began with questionnaires and interviews that we developed to thoroughly understand the the current vision, client needs, stakeholder priorities, and employee concerns.

After analyzing the interview results with the SSEF management, we came up with several option packages that included company names, logo designs, product names, tag lines, and color palettes. We tested these brand options with multiple focus groups and collected data about the ideas and options they favored (and why.)

The client selected the name “Integrio,” which combines the words “integrity and integration” as well as “input and output” — the core foundation of IT.  The next step was to design and develop a new logo for Integrio and develop a comprehensive brand style guide with implementation guidelines.

Next came building company awareness and marketing communications for Integrio. We began creating marketing collateral, such as their new responsive website ( and a marketing video showcasing all of their different services. 

Our TriVision team provided a full range of services to Integrio, including market research and strategic planning, public relations, creative content development, social and digital experience, and advertising and media planning.

As a result, Integrio is now a unified brand and entity offering its clients optimized and secured IT solutions.  We look forward to continue providing them with additional marketing and digital services as the company grows.

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