Rejuvenating a communications technology brand with a new corporate identity and multifaceted creative marketing strategies.


DataPath is a shining example of a visionary communications company.  They have brought first-rate off-the-shelf field communications and information technology to remote locations and have lived up to their tagline, “Defying Boundaries by Design.”

TriVision worked closely with DataPath to overhaul and breathe new life into their brand. The comprehensive effort included a new logo and trade show collateral, from promotional items to business stationery, slick sheets, and exhibition banners.

Additionally, DataPath asked TriVision to redesign their website.  They sought a modern and uplifting look — and a user friendly structure that would allow their audience to easily navigate their rich and comprehensive online content.

However, one of the most popular features of the brand refresh was the corporate snapshot video. In a succinct, easy to understand way, the video summarized DataPath’s abilities in the communications field for both current users and potential customers.

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