Capital Rentals

Revamping a Comprehensive E-Commerce Website.


Founded in 1969, Capital Rentals’ passion is equipment. Specializing in the rental and sales of construction, home improvement, and landscaping equipment, the company has five locations in Northern Virginia and Maryland, and carries more than 300 products.

TriVision’s relationship with Capital Rentals began in 2013 when the equipment giant was seeking to redesign their website.  The company relied heavily on its site to generate business — a  40-page comprehensive e-commerce hub that showcased all the equipment they had available for rent or purchase.

After learning more about the industry and the type of the customers Capital Rentals served, TriVision created fresh design elements and collaborated closely with a third party partner to develop a modern and responsive website.  The revamped Capital Rentals website was cleaner, more functional, and easier to navigate.

Now, customers are able to easily reserve or buy equipment at a touch of a button. TriVision has continued to work with Capital Rentals to periodically refresh their website and landing pages with new design elements.

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