Blackboard Inc.

 Filming and Editing Marketing Videos For Blackboard Inc.

Blackboard is a leading company in the allied education continuum. It connects students, schools, universities and several different companies together through a global network system. Blackboard facilitates access to resources by providing content through technologies and simplifies the communication between instructors and students. Overall, Blackboard makes learning easier by centralizing course work and offers access to extra study materials.

Our TriVision team has produced a series of videos for Blackboard Inc. and some of their clients, which are listed consecutively: Blackboard Cengage Integration at Liberty University, Blackboard Macmillan Integration at Prince George’s County Community College and Blackboard Wiley Integration at Northern Virginia Community College. Each of the video productions included setting a plan of action, creating the script and story board, shooting and editing the videos. These client case study videos  are found on Blackboard Inc.’s website.

In short, the objective of these videos are to educate people about dynamic Blackboard learning styles. Indeed, it’s always a pleasure to work toward improving education for all.

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