Getting the word out about Africare’s aid efforts in West Africa.

Africare is the largest and oldest non-profit organization founded by African-Americans and solely dedicated to providing developmental aid to all countries of Africa. Since 1970, Africare has focused its efforts on providing agriculture and food security, clean water, education, healthcare, and women’s empowerment throughout the continent. Their goal is to provide relief and stability to more than 9 million people in 35 countries.

Africare collaborated with TriVision to develop a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that publicize Africare’s efforts to help those affected by the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

John Gossett Jr. — Academy Award-winning actor, founder, and spokesperson for Africare — agreed to be the face of the campaign. Filmed inside TriVision’s large sound stage studio, Gossett delivered a moving narration.  The two-minute PSA video provided horrifying details about the Ebola epidemic and offered a compelling case for assisting Africare with its relief efforts.

TriVision provided the creative and technical know-how necessary to create a successful product.  Working collaboratively, we were able to set the right tone and message for Africare’s target audience and raise awareness for the cause.

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