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30 January 4:22 pm - Posted by TriVision

4 Advertising Tricks For Your Business

TriVision shares three TV commercials and how to effectively use them for your next marketing campaign.

The three videos have prompted many people to start thinking about their message. Watch these videos and continue reading below.

Fearless Girl

The Talk (My black is beautiful)

Burger King Bullying Jr.

How can these videos help your business?

In order to create impactful strategic messages that connect with your audience and makes your ads memorable, start thinking how to apply the four concepts below to your organization’s marketing strategy.

1) Experience leads to emotion

You’ve probably already heard how emotional connections create strong ties to the brand. This is especially true if you want to grab their attention. Here’s the trick: associate your product to positive experiences.

2) Target the right audience

After analyzing your product/service, research everything you can about your target audience. To start, look at demographics and psychographic characteristics (personality, attitudes, values, interests). The more you know about your audience, the better equip you will be to reach and connect with them.

3) Clear Call to Action

Always direct your audience to what you want them to do next. Whether it is a button that says “Learn More” or “Register”, or it’s a prompt to visit a website, call-to-actions improve conversion rates.

4) Simplify your message

Attention spans have decreased significantly. Get to the point of what you want to say, quickly and clearly. Your message is the foundation, and all the creative tactics to enhance that message are additional layers.