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Family Owned Business Awards
15 March 4:25 pm - Posted by TriVision

Washington Business Journal Honors TriVision

At the 2017 Family Business Awards – an annual celebration of multi-generational, family-owned businesses in the Washington, DC Metro region – the Washington Business Journal honored TriVision for overall excellence, innovation, ethics, and philanthropy. The entrepreneurial passion and courageous spirit that fueled the creation of TriVision was instilled in the Lutfi family from an early…

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Branding for companies
22 February 11:42 am - Posted by TriVision

Our Three Musts for a Strong Branding Strategy

TriVision, a Washington D.C. branding agency, draws out what truly makes a brand strong. Branding is about Graphic Design. Yes, while this may be true, it’s only part of the branding mix. Images help people associate products, services, and causes more quickly. Humans have been branding since we discovered how to walk upright. Figures on walls were…

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Budweiser Digital Media
10 February 5:29 pm - Posted by TriVision

And the Best Digital Media Ad of Super Bowl LI Goes to…

Digital Media Winner: Three words: Budweiser. Budweiser. Budweiser. It looks like Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way” was the clear winner of last Sunday’s Super Bowl. The “King of Beers” launched the digital version of the ad days before the big game, and aired it in front of 111 million people. There is no doubt it struck…

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TriVision_Super Bowl
3 February 9:30 am - Posted by TriVision

What Makes a Super Bowl Ad Stick? A Good Story.

On Sunday, February 5th, 2017, millions of people from around the world will watch legends rise. We’re talking about the 2017 Super Bowl Ads, of course. According to the American Marketing Association, up to 75% of people look forward to the commercials over the game. A Huffington Post article published a study that showed 18-to-30…

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TriVision and Branding and Politics
25 January 12:04 pm - Posted by TriVision

Politics and Brands Don’t Mix, Says DC Branding Agency

In the spirit of the inauguration of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump, we have decided to examine why commercial brands should stay out of politics or at least find ways to get around it. For a commercial brand to dive into politics is a messy strategy. On the one hand, it would be smart for…

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TriVision Copywriting
29 December 9:54 am - Posted by TriVision

DC Advertising Agency: Copywriting 101

First, like any well-structured education course, knowing the definition of what you’re reading about is helpful. Our definition of copywriting is: The strategic construction of motivating sentences or phrases used for advertising, marketing, or media content. Words paint images in our minds; which is why they can be motivating. Effective copywriting is more than just knowing…

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DC Marketing Agency Golden Star Award
20 December 10:35 am - Posted by TriVision

DC Marketing Agency wins Global Star Award

The Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce awarded TriVision, a marketing and media communications agency, the Global Star award for outstanding work in both the United States and global markets. The award was presented to us by our friends from Trade Center Management Associates at Ronald Reagan Building. This past year, TriVision created an integrated marketing campaign…

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Two marketers watching marketing trends in a crystal ball.
1 December 5:44 pm - Posted by TriVision

3 Marketing Predictions for 2017

TriVision, a D.C. Marketing Agency Makes Their First Predictions D.C Marketing Agency Prediction #1: Visual content will continue to dominate over written content Hang on! Before you get all crazy with GIFs, written content will still be important. What I’m saying here is that visual content will be more easily read by Google and other search…

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Man shouting into mega phone to spread his corporate messaging
15 November 3:09 pm - Posted by TriVision

Your Corporate Messaging Must Create These 3 Values

Airbnb, a peer-to-peer online marketplace and homestay network that lets people rent out residential properties at the cost set by the property owner, recently released a new advertisement, communicating one of their corporate messages. The new advertisement is calling for the community to be accepting of EVERYONE. According to Adweek, “All Airbnb users must now sign this…

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Doctor observing medical results
4 November 12:59 pm - Posted by TriVision

The Merger of Healthcare and Technology Establishes Washington, DC Region as a World-Class Biotech Center

As a creative marketing and visionary partner for the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, TriVision is lending a hand to push through the challenges of healthcare, informatics, and personalized medicine at the 2016 Innovate Conference. The future of healthcare and information technology is built today. Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce (DRCC) knows that healthcare can…

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